I’m using any browser, but my preferred is Firefox, mainly for the add-ons… 🙂

  • Adblock Plus
    Remove ads, banners and all annoying things from web pages, but you have also a white list. Great also to retrieve the exact URL of the embedded media (clicking on the transparent tab over the banner/flash/java applet). You can also subscribe to a know list of banner sources (maintained by the community).
  • DownThemAll
    A full featured multi-thread downloader, cross platform (Windows, OS X, Linux). No more needs to install a separate program to dope your downloads speed. Plus use the same interface on any platform/OS.
  • gTranslate
    The power of Google translator in your contextual menu. No additional pages to load, only right click over the selected text and voilà, you get the translation.
  • cookiesafe
    Display stored cookies and select who can store cookies into your browser between sessions. Usually I don’t allow my browser to remember cookies (only for the current session) but on some sites, it can be useful.
  • Server Spy
    Watch what kind of server is “cooking” your current web page. It’s a nice tool, more simple than a telnet on the 80/TCP 🙂
  • Answers
    Learn everything about any term, via contextual menu. Answers collect any informations form various sources about a given term (Wikipedia, Dictionary, Thesaurus, etc…), plus providing the translation of the term in many languages, one audio media with the correct pronunciation and an handy web-layer powered pop-up for a quick consultation without leaving your current page (via the highlight of the term plus ALT+LEFT CLICK, on Windows)
  • MM3-ProxySwitch
    Manage various proxy profiles with one click (support also SHOCKS PROXY). Configurable editing a simple text-file-like field (from the plug-in interface). The shocks support is very cool used with the SSH shocks proxy feature: you can easily surf the web via a SSH shell. A must have.
  • Cache View
    Try to view also heavy loaded web sites. If you, like me, are a Slashdot and Digg reader, this extension can make your day 🙂
  • Box.net Bookmarks Synchronizer
    Backup and retrieve your bookmarks from many computers, using the Box.net free service. There are dozens of utilities like this one, but Box.net is a short domain name to remember, with 1GB of free space (private and shareable with others) and a light interface. I like it.


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