AddressBookSync is eating all your resources?

Playing with Address Book on Mac and the syncing feature, I have found a bug/memory leak into the AddressBookSync process. I'm using Snow Leopard 10.6.4 and after some sync with my phone/OSX/etc, I have found my Mac completely unusable, with the CPU and RAM saturated by the AddressBookSync process. (more…)

By huntz, ago

XBMC and the web interface not starting…

I'm using XBMC Media Center (which was formerly named Xbox Media Center) from a while on my home entertainment setup and I'm enjoying so much the really cool web interface. With this feature you can control your media center from your laptop/phone/whatever. I'm using the livecd downloaded from the XBMC Media Center homepage (based on Ubuntu) and installed on my hard-drive. The problem with the web interface is that I'm not able to have it running upon the media center start-up... (more…)

By huntz, ago