I’m using XBMC Media Center (which was formerly named Xbox Media Center) from a while on my home entertainment setup and I’m enjoying so much the really cool web interface. With this feature you can control your media center from your laptop/phone/whatever.

I’m using the livecd downloaded from the XBMC Media Center homepage (based on Ubuntu) and installed on my hard-drive. The problem with the web interface is that I’m not able to have it running upon the media center start-up…

After some test and debug, I have found a fix: the web interface is not starting because my wireless interface is not ready during the start-up process (well, the wifi interface is going up, but when the XBMC is starting the wireless interface is still waiting for an IP address from the DHCP server).

My solution is simple: I have modified the starting script of XBMC, adding a pause of some seconds (to give time to my wireless interface to go up).

The file to edit is /usr/bin/runXBM

Locate the line when XBMC is launched and add “sleep 5 ;” before, like the following example:
[source: js]

# add sleep to slow the startup, allowing WIFI to get IP
echo “sleep 5 ; /usr/bin/xbmc –standalone” >>  /home/$xbmcUser/.xsession


You may have to increase the sleep time (depending on your hardware…). Reboot after each modify to test if the fix is working.

PS: of course, you have to enable the web interface from the system settings menu… 🙂

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