VMware Server 2.0 + Sound/ALSA + Ubuntu/Linux

The new version of my preferred virtual machine environment is out, I’m using it, but the problem with audio device/ALSA is still present.

The new web interface (new??? I remember the “same” interface with the old GSX…) adds some cool features, but the way to fix the ALSA problem is the same of the previous version…


Install Freevo 1.8.2 in Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04

Since the Freevo packages are out from Ubuntu repositories, I’m stuck with Freevo 1.7.2. This is annoying because some plug-ins, like last.fm are not working anymore…

I know, the correct way to fix this, is to build some set of .deb packages, but I have no experience about building .deb from source, so I’m going to write this little how-to about a manual (from source) installation.