Synergy, a good productivity tool

Well, I’m used to virtualization technology, remote desktop management and all this kind of stuff, but Synergy is something that amazes me. And in these days, find something that impresses me, is quite unusual 🙂

If you are familiar with the dual monitor concept, you know the level of productivity you can reach with this setup: a bigger desktop means more applications opened at the same time, no time lost searching into your task switcher and so on…

Synergy is a little client/server application, cross platform and open source. The goal of this piece of code is to share one keyboard and one mouse between multiple machines (Macs, Windows, Linux/Unix) via TCP/IP.
With this fantastic application, you can experience the benefit of a multi-monitor setup with multiple OS. No more useless mess on your desk, only one keyboard and one mouse (and no more expensive and “stupid” KVM switches)

Ubuntu, VMware Server, Core 2 Duo, clock problem: fixed!

Well, I’m actually using Kubuntu (I prefer KDE over GNOME); anyway the distribution is the same.

I have installed VMware Server into my brand new Core 2 Duo laptop and I have found the well know clock/time problem affecting the guest OS: the time into the virtual machine is running much slower or faster than the host time (the real world). With my Core 2 Duo, this time, was faster…