When printing and saving as PDF files, from Mac, the Title and Author are filled in automatically by default. The window title is the Title, and the current user is the Author.

I have not found any way to setup the default settings Title and Author to be blank.

However, using a little bit of terminal magic 🙂 (with sed) you can remove Title and Author information (run the terminal and go where your PDF are):

sed -i 's/YourName//g' FileName.pdf
sed -i 's/Untitled//g' FileName.pdf

Replace “YourName” with your user name and “FileName” with the actual file name. You can also batch remove Title and Author using the * wildcard (all in one line).

sed -i 's/YourName//g' *.pdf ; sed -i 's/Untitled//g' *.pdf



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