This summer I was in holiday in Greece (you know, to help the economy and for the stunning sea 🙂 ) and I have solved all my Internet needs with a very great device:  Huawei E5331

This little white box is a Wi-Fi access point (up to 8 concurrent clients) with a 3G modem integrated. It’s smaller than a smart-phone and can be powered by the internal battery (up to 4 hours of intense usage) and by USB (you can also use it when it’s recharging).

With the Huawei E5331 I was able to use Internet with phones, tablets and laptops (for me and the family) in hotel and around on roads, villages and beaches. Nowadays it’s hard to go around without Google Maps, Tripadvisor, Wikipedia, etc…

I have done some research the first day and I have found a good data plan with Cosmote (4GB in a month for 15 euro), signed for it, put the SIM into the modem and I was ready to go. Amazing 🙂

My only complain is about the crippled down web admin interface from the mobile device. To use the Huawei E5331 with any network operator you have to configure the correct APN, but you can do it only from the full web admin interface (so you need a notebook, no way from a tablet or a smart-phone).

NOTE: in Italy you can find this device branded by Wind for 79 euro, a nice price for an unlocked 3G/WiFi access point.


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