Today I have to fix a bugged program developed with Apple Xcode. Fixing broken code and replacing deprecated functions is a very energy consuming job and having a version control service can relieve the pain.

Luckily Apple Xcode can natively work with GIT but this feature is not simple to enable.
If you have a working installation of Xcode, you can:

  1. install the commad line tools for github (install the tools from the install wizard or from the preferences menu)
  2. install the Xcode Command Line Tools (under Xcode Preferences > Downlaods > Components)
  3. open the terminal app and go to your project folder
  4. run these 3 commands
    git init
    git add .
    git commit -m "initial APP NAME commit"
  5. open Xcode, choose Xcode > Preferences, and select Source Control (enable all flags)
  6. restart Xcode and check under the Source Control menu the new options available

After these steps you have added an existing project to a source control repository. When you create a new project you can enable the source control during the create project setup wizard.

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