I’m on KDE 4.13.0 and sbackup is not showing the notification icon. It’s an old problem, the program is looking for some process like “x-session-manager”, “gnome-session”, “gnome-shell”, “ksmserver”, “xfce4-session” but in my KDE system none of these processes is running, so the notification icon is not shown.

If you run the application from console, you can find into the debug messages something like this:

No Desktop session found
No desktop session found. Indicator application is not started.

Waiting for an official solution, you can fix this bug by editing the file “system.py” of sbackup adding a running KDE process (like kwin)

Edit the file system.py (mine is here /usr/share/sbackup/sbackup/util/system.py) and find the following line:

_sessionnames = ("x-session-manager", "gnome-session", "gnome-shell", 
"ksmserver", "xfce4-session")

then add “kwin” to the array

_sessionnames = ("x-session-manager", "gnome-session", "gnome-shell", 
"ksmserver", "xfce4-session", "kwin")

Save the file and the “hack” is done.

The next time you run sbackup, the notification icon will appear.


robert leleu · September 20, 2015 at 15:39

Kubuntu 15.04, having added kwin in system.py, checked that kwin is installed, launched a sbackup session, checked that system-manager sees it….there is no sbackup icon in the tray

    huntz · September 21, 2015 at 09:47

    This fix was for the previous version of KDE (not the version installed with Kubuntu 15.04). I’m investigating if it’s possible another fix…

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