Boxcar is a very interesting free application for iPhone/iPad. You can send to your device push notifications when something happens (Boxcar in short is: Instant Notifications for Facebook, Twitter, Email and More!).

After installing the app on your device you have to create an account to the Boxcar service; then you can enable one or more services (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, RSS feed, email and more). In fact, there is also an API, so everybody (with some coding skills) can create its own service.

Anyway, adding the email account service, you will get a personal and unique email address ( If you send an email to your Boxcar email address, you will receive a push notification on your device with the email’s content.

Now you can, for example:

  • create a gmail filter to forward to your Boxcar email address only what you want
  • get a push notification from your bash/perl/whatever script/program
  • integrate and expand IFTTT
  • your only limit is your imagination 🙂


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